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Discover 8 Learning Styles and Become a Super Student!

Discover 8 Learning Styles and Become a Super Student!

Price: $94.99

  • Why do you get bored and distracted while you are studying?
  • Why do you forget what you studied days or hours after learning it… or sometimes even within minutes?!
  • Why do you go blank in the exam room and forget all the work that you ‘studied’?
  • Why are you struggling to find the motivation to study?
  • Why is it you can quite easily think of 100 other things you would rather do than sit down and study?

Welcome to Discover 8 Learning Styles and Become a Super Student!

The Goal of this Program is to help students adopt an extremely productive, strategic and consistent approach towards their learning, both in and out of the classroom. Productive learning can be defined simply as how much one can REMEMBER and UNDERSTAND after any session of learning.

Discover 8 Learning Styles and Become a Super Student! is for anyone who wants to learn more effectively – students, professionals, hobbyists.

It is designed specifically for beginners but if you’re looking to freshen up on your skills, COME ON IN!

No prior knowledge required to get started – just this course, a pen, a paper and YOU!

Your Roadmap: How to Discover the Learning Style that Suits You Best!

How Your Brain Operates – The two hemispheres of the brain control two different modes of thinking with each of us preferring one mode over the other.

Discover Eight Learning Styles that will turn your into a Super Student! – The key for you is to find your own learning style, that specific style that works just for you.

1) Visual – You learn by creating pictures around you

2) Auditory – You like to have music playing

3) Verbal – You speak out loud during studying

4) Tactile – You prefer experience based learning

5) Structured – You work well with numbers and calculations

6) Imaginative – You are more visionary, entrepreneurial, and very social

7) Networker – You love to work in groups connecting with others

8) Solitary – You find you work much better alone


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