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DIY Career Development: Integrating learning and work

DIY Career Development: Integrating learning and work

Price: $79.99

So you thinking about going to university to improve your career prospects? You don’t just want to study theory but you also want to have hands-on experience but you don’t know where to start? How do you know what work integrated learning options fit your career aspirations the best?

Or you are a university thinking about increasing your student employability? You want your graduates to be job-ready. Perhaps you already have work-integrated learning but are interested in improving your outcomes and practice, perhaps you want to scale up or cope with growth? Perhaps you want to know how to make all of the curriculum more work-based?

Or you are a company thinking about talent spotting through internships, placements or apprenticeships? Work integrated learning is an excellent way with low risk to socialise potential future talent. But how does it work? How can you be part of the system? How do you know what would suite your professional context?

Work integrated learning is about learning taking place within the context of work. It is applied knowledge, where what is being learned can be immediately applied in the real world of work. This course is about work integrated learning as a career strategy aimed at students looking to go or already at university, industry partners looking to or already involved in work integrated learning and universities and tutors looking to or already involved in work integrated learning course. It is a Do It Yourself (DIY) kind of course, providing information to allow you to make informed decisions. It provides definitions and explanations of work integrated learning, complexities, examples, resources and templates. Discover a growing strategy in career development, called work integrated learning.


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