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DP-203 Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure Prep -Tests Exam

DP-203 Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure Prep -Tests Exam

Price: $34.99

If you are looking for up-to-date practice tests to train your skills before taking the DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure exam.

I prepared the Tests DP-203 best practice for you to feel safe and pass the official exam.

Benefits of DP 203 certification

Increased demand for data engineers. The Microsoft Certified CV is recognized worldwide.

After getting certified, 26% report job promotions and 35% of technical professionals say that getting certified has led to salary increases.

In terms of employment prospects and earnings, a certification leads to unbridled gain in both.

Updating your profile with this certificate will advance your work profile and increase your chances of being chosen

Skills assessed on the DP-203 exam

The important domains covered on the Microsoft Azure DP-203 exam are:

  • Design and implement data storage (40-45%)

Design a data storage structure

Design a partitioning strategy

Design the serving layer

Implement physical data storage structures

Implement logical data structures

Implement the service layer

  • Design and develop data processing (25-30%)

ingest and transform data

Design and develop a batch processing solution

Design and develop a flow processing solution

Manage batches and pipelines

  • Design and implement data security (10-15%)

Design security for data policies and standards

Implement data security

  • Monitor and optimize data storage and processing (10-15%)

Monitor data storage and processing

Optimize and troubleshoot data storage and processing

Who is this certification for?

After all that, you’re going to be waiting to see if you’re the one with that DP203 certification, right? Well here’s your answer to that,

Candidates interested in Data Engineering.

Data Architects, Database Administrators and Business Intelligence Professionals.

IT professionals who have a deep knowledge of data processing languages ​​such as SQL, Python or Scala.

People who are good at parallel processing and data architecture standards.

Data engineers who transform and consolidate data from multiple structured and unstructured data systems into structures.

  • This is an unofficial course and is not affiliated, licensed or registered in any way with Microsoft DP-203 Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure .


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