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Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations : Financials Part-1 MB310

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations : Financials Part-1 MB310

Price: $19.99


This is an introduction course on D365 Finance and Operations with a focus on Finance, this is especially for beginners.

Those who are already working on D365 might already aware of these that are being discussed, I recommend to look at the topics covered in this course and enroll only if you think you do not know those topics.

Topics covered:

  • Getting access to D365 Finance and Operations

  • Contoso demo data overview

  • Basic Navigation

  • Vendor Creation process

  • Creating Vendor Invoice journals and understanding the due date calculation

  • Configuring Terms of payment for new vendors

  • Creation of new Legal entities

  • Creation of Fiscal calendars and calendar periods

  • Configuring Ledger form

  • Understanding Accounting currency and reporting currency configuration

  • General journal creation and understanding of different ways to enter transactions

  • Understand the Chart of Accounts and Main accounts


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