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Dynamics 365 – with PowerBI, PowerApps and Microsoft flow

Dynamics 365 – with PowerBI, PowerApps and Microsoft flow

Price: $19.99

This course is intended to teach you, an advanced learning curve on creating mobile application using PowerApps and BI reporting using PowerBI.

We will focus on practical examples instead of walking through the theoretical details. We will cover Dynamics 365 platform and master on data using Common Data Service, OData service and Bring Your Own Database (BYOD).

The course is divided into four comprehensive chapters to make it easy to follow:

  1. ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE – Basic knowledge on the Dynamics 354 platform and customisation options

  2. PowerApps – Learn how to create PowerApps application with real time example

  3. PowerBI – Create an amazing PowerBI report with real time example to connect Dynamics365 platform

  4. Microsoft Power Automate – Learn from many real time example to connect PowerApps with Dynamics365 system.


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