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Dynamics NAV / Business Central – Sales and Marketing 3/3

Dynamics NAV / Business Central – Sales and Marketing 3/3

Price: $44.99

The aim of the course is to provide the trainee with knowledge of the Dynamics Business Central (Dynamics NAV) Sales and Marketing module. The course clearly and comprehensively introduces the participant to the Sales and Marketing module.

This course is the last part (3/3) of the Dynamics NAV / Business Central Sales and Marketing cycle:

  1. Sales and Receivables Setup, Customer entries filtering, Invoices, Credit Memos posting, Prices and Discounts and more

  2. Sales Quotes, Sales Blanket Orders, Sales Orders, Invoice, Credit Memo posting. Sales doc. Archive. Prices and discounts

  3. CRM, Contacts, Sales Opportunities, and tasks. System and User Interactions. Campaigns and Segments. More CRM functions

In this course:

Contacts overview and settings

  • Marketing setup

  • Contact list and card overview

  • Contact Questionnaire setup and update

Sales Opportunities and Tasks

  • Sales Opportunities

  • Sales Cycles

  • Tasks

  • Closing Opportunities

Campaigns and segments

  • Campaigns

  • Segments

  • Campaign activation

  • Logged segments

Additional module functions

  • Contact duplicates

  • Updating Contact classification

  • Mailing Groups

  • Exporting Contacts

  • Contact reporting

After completing the course, the trainee will have a thorough understanding of the Dynamics Business Central (NAV) Sales and Marketing module and will be able to independently operate the advanced functionalities.

Dynamics NAV, Business Central course is suitable for all Dynamics NAV and Business Central versions, using Windows Client. Apart from some minor changes, the main functions, system rules, and methodologies haven’t changed through the years for different system versions. Most of the changes apply to the User interface, but finding the functions on buttons or ribbons doesn’t pose much trouble.

The course is conducted using Dynamics 365 Business Central 14 W1, and it suits NAV 2009 RTC, NAV 2013, NAV 2013 R2, NAV 2015, NAV 2016, NAV 2017, NAV 2018.


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