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EFT Tapping 2 – EFT to Awaken Self Love and Self Acceptance

EFT Tapping 2 – EFT to Awaken Self Love and Self Acceptance

Price: $94.99

Over 700 satisfied students enrolled. Over 70 five-star reviews.


“This course blew my mind! Cha-zay is incredibly knowledgeable, and willing to explain the ‘why’ of EFT and her practice tips give lots of resources and encourages students to apply them in the way that’s best for them; and, most of all, she is radiating self acceptan ce, care and passion while teaching. If you want to have specific tools for healing self love and self acceptance issues, I would highly recommend this course!” Natasha Lynn Simpson


“I have struggled with self love/acceptance and esteem issues for most of my life and this course is opening me up to the love and acceptance that I seek!” Natalie Siladi



Did you know that one of the hardest things for people to say is I Love You?

What about you?

Is it easy or difficult for you to say ‘I love you‘ to another person?

Can you look in the mirror say ‘I love you‘ to yourself without adding: “I would love you more if…

Do you truly love and accept and respect yourself – wholeheartedly – without ifs, buts, whens?

We’re not talking about vanity or conceitedness – we’re talking about pure, unconditional love and acceptance for the magnificence that you are!


Besides learning advanced EFT techniques, in this course we will tap for self-love and acceptance, we will tap away any blockages that may be preventing you from setting healthy boundaries, which results in experiencing healthy relationships, a healthy body and mind, a healthy home life and work environment, a healthy back account (yep, I had to go there), and a healthy, happy spirit.

If you already have all that, this course is not for you. Move along and continue doing what you’re doing because whatever you’re doing seems to be working for you. Congratulations!

For everyone else, read on.


The focus on this course and what you’ll be learning are the following topics:

  1. Advanced EFT Techniques. Learn advanced tapping points for the most difficult situations.

  2. Self-Love and Self-Acceptance. This includes looking at vanity and conceitedness.

  3. Sorry and Apologies. This includes looking at the difference and how to regain power without being a doormat.

  4. Forgiveness. Whether you want to forgive others or yourself, this course will guide you to a lighter, more tender, yet stronger version of yourself.

  5. Respect. This includes respecting yourself and your actions, as well as other people and their actions. Having a difficult time setting boundaries? This course will give you the tools to change that once and for all.


This world has been in major crisis when it comes to topics of love and acceptance. The world at large is confusing true beauty with vanity, true love with possessiveness, true wealth with having loads of money, and so on.

Awakening is happening at way too slow of a pace. It’s time to radically change how we interact with each other – and it all starts with you.


True wealth is being happy with who you are and what you have. If you want something that you don’t have, you use your own character to help create it, rather than expecting a free ride. Your job then is not of outer work but of inner work. Your outer results will automatically match your inner reflection.


True beauty is knowing that your body and spirit are woven from the light of the Universe (as Rumi would say), and has little to nothing to do with outer beauty itself. What makes a person beautiful is the hue and glow from that inner light. True and lasting beauty can be found within.


True love is knowing that no one and nothing belongs to us anyways while realizing that what is yours has always been yours (and cannot be taken from you) and therefore that which you seek is also seeking you. Seems contradictory? It’s not.

It’s all just borrowed for our care-taking and to assist us on our journey of awakening. Therefore emotions like jealousy, possessiveness, envy, victim-hood, and all these other toddler emotions, are only stumbling blocks that will prevent true love from manifesting in our lives. True love starts from within and when it does, these selfish emotions will begin to feel like acid running through your veins, rather than the healing balm that heals from within when only love pulsates through your blood stream.


Give this course a go. The worst that can happen to you is that you realize just how little you care about yourself and then you’re in a place of true empowerment because then you can make a choice to go on as you have, or make a positive change for yourself (which is my hope).


The best that can happen to you is that you can unburden yourself of all the heavy baggage that has been preventing you from living a life that is light, filled with true love, healthy relationships, happy thoughts, positive words, true awakening and loads of smiles and laughter to help heal all your wounds.


When you unconditionally love and accept yourself you are not as likely to accept crap from people and situations presented to you. You’re more inclined to setting healthy boundaries, and the people around you who used to be tempted to rattle your boat will be on their merry way and pick on someone their own size. Those who are meant to come and enrich your life, and whose lives you can enrich in kind, will be drawn to you like a magnet.


You deserve this and so much more. If any of this sounds good for you, then this EFT course can help bring it to you in record time:

  • Friends with integrity

  • A romantic relationship based on mutual respect, true love and honesty

  • A bank account with perpetually open arms to receiving all the abundance you so deserve

  • A home that is your refuge, your castle, your sanctuary

  • A body temple that works in rhythm with nature and brings you health all the days of your life

  • A happy face that shows how much you are in love with all that represents goodness

  • Rock solid confidence from within that not only continues to flow through you in boundless measures, but also helps you in achieving all of your life’s dreams

  • And so much more


Enroll now and let’s start tapping for self-love, acceptance, respect and so much more.

I’ll see you inside!


“I really appreciated the “Encouragement Lecture” in the middle of the course and the “I Respect You Lecture” as I also find myself “shaking my head in disbelief saying whaaa?” much too often… I enjoy Cha~zay’s friendliness and totally like how she hasn’t edited her mistakes, occasional mispronunciations and even *bleeped* words out of her videos! haha! That makes her very personable and engaging. Thank you!” Yanik Giroux


My biggest issues have always been those of self acceptance and self love. I am learning how to change my way of thinking and stop being so critical of myself. Thank you!” Bobbie Jean King


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