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Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for Success

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for Success

Price: $19.99

Course Description: This course is a unique blend of emotional intelligence and mindfulness. It is a beginners course and has been designed with practical applications, it is a step by step approach to discovering self, learning to tap into your inner power, mastering the mind and developing a higher level of Emotional Intelligence.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes:

  • The course begins with an understanding of Emotional Intelligence, our connection with the Universe, the energies we radiate, and sensing our aura.

  • The course provides an in-depth correlation between high emotional intelligence and success, helps to assess emotional quotient, and analyses the changes and developments required.

  • It also develops understanding behaviors of people around us, trains us to manage ourselves and others with useful insights from self-diagnostic tools

  • Teaches hands-on techniques, scientific methods, and spiritual practices to become mindful and develop mindfulness every day

  • It touches upon light meditations, pranic breathing, chakra cleansing helping to establish happy and positive relationships in our lives.

  • It helps us develop an edge at work, at home, makes friends easily, foster people close to us. It empowers us to positively influence people in our environment, connects us to the universe, understands our aura and energies.

  • It leads us to gain self-mastery and personal influence

Pedagogy: The course uses a variety of teaching tools, audio-video lectures, case-lets for developing understanding, quizzes to test your learning, psychometric assessments to provide a window into the perception of the self, and others. Exercises for the mind, body, soul, yoga and spiritual workouts, neuro-gyms, pranic breathing techniques, and cleansing chakras, and enhancing your aura & energies fields.


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