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Emotional Intelligence for Conflict Management & Resolution

Emotional Intelligence for Conflict Management & Resolution

Price: $39.99

You can make life work for you. This course is the first step. Invest in yourself. You are worth it.

Are you tired of feeling like life isn’t working for you? You’ve read the self-help books. You’ve taken courses on mindfulness and the power of positive thinking. But no matter what self-help technique you try or affirmation you repeat in the mirror each morning, you feel stuck. And you’ve had enough!

You want to feel exhilarated, fulfilled, and peaceful. But you feel defeated. You don’t know how to get unstuck.

You aren’t alone. And there’s nothing wrong with you or the other million people combing personal development sites searching for the answer.

You just weren’t taught social and emotional intelligence in school. You didn’t take a class in looking inward to map your landscape and understand how your internal algorithms work. Because of this, you’ve been hunting for the answer outside of yourself.

The answer has always been inside you. Let me help you find it.

My name is Megan Warren, and in my work as an emotional resilience coach as well as my personal experience, I know that it IS possible to find the answer you are searching for. It IS possible to get unstuck. I also know it is a lot simpler than it probably currently feels to make the life that you may feel unfulfilled by – to make it WORK for you.

Drawing from hundreds of hours of my work with clients, my courses teach you how to move from drowning – from feeling overwhelmed, duty-bound, dissatisfied, or trapped – to riding the waves – feeling free, empowered, and fulfilled.

My business tagline from drowning to riding the waves encompasses the transformation this process can have for you.

What is it?

This course addresses a building blocks that is critical for making life work for you. You follow a simple step-by-step process to assess what is, how it came to be, and use that insight to decide what and how you will intentionally shift to make life work for you.

You will use this process as you examine conflicts in your life to understand your patterns and how they influence your choices. Using that insight you consciously decide how you will approach conflict moving forward and plan for what that looks like using specific examples.


If you put the work in, you will:

  • Understand conflict styles and how they influence life satisfaction.

  • Identify your inherited conflict patterns.

  • Define your current patterns and whether they serve you.

  • Intentionally adopt a conflict style that supports your house, your identity.

I can guarantee at the end of this course, you will see where you are making choices in response to conflict, rather than in spite of conflict and understand why. You map out what choices made in spite of conflict, in service of you, look like using specific examples of current or recent conflicts. The awareness and commitment to collaborating in conflict transform your choices and satisfaction with life.

Stop hunting. The answers are inside. Invest in yourself today.

What resources come with the course?

  • Extensive exercises with learning snapshots and space to record Aha! moments

  • Udemy discussion board

  • Access to a community of like-minded seekers

  • Live monthly Q&A calls

Like losing weight or building strength, faith comes before proof. Persistent committed action works. ACT NOW.


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