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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Price: $94.99


Emotional intelligence is not just a “plus” in a team – especially when it comes to managers!

On the one side you have old-style managers: hardcore, task-focused, result-oriented. To them, team members are productive units, replaceable elements in an engine.

On the other side you have modern leaders: task- AND person-focused. Not striving to eliminate the human component in a team for efficiency, rather trying to valorize it, driving performance, unity and resilience via human connections and rapport – and succeeding!

Any old-school manager (there are still many around) will look at this idea of bringing emotions into the mix and frown… usually emotions have little to no place at work for them.

Traditionally that was the way to go, but all research, scientific an anecdotal evidence point to the same result: emotions add to efficiency and performance, they don’t take anything away from it.


You don’t need the basics, you need a way forward, something that will take you to the next level, and this course will take you there.

It’s not about understanding emotional intelligence in theory, it’s about breaking it down in practical, applicable, step-by-step lessons to improve your skills and bringing EI actively into your leadership style.

You will use these skills to:

  • Understand and control your emotional state

  • Recognize group dynamics and sense conflicts before they arrive

  • Drive performance, inspire your team, create a resilient unit

  • Enable people around you to grow, and be a reference for your team and other leaders

  • Communicate at a higher level, collaborate better and enable others to do better whenever they are around you


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