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Emotional Intelligence: How To Be A Highly Effective Leader

Emotional Intelligence: How To Be A Highly Effective Leader

Price: $29.99

The key to successful leadership is emotional intelligence.

More than 3000 studies on Emotional Intelligence (EI) have shown that it significantly contributes to both professional and personal success.

The term Emotional Intelligence was a popularized by Daniel Goleman. His theory tell you what you need to do. I will tell you how to do it.

In this course we will seek to develop those emotional qualities that will make you stand out as a leader through helping you become more effective at managing yourself and others.

“When dealing with people, remember that you are not dealing with creatures of logic but creatures of emotion,” – Dale Carnegie, author of the world renowned book; “How to Win Friends and Influence People” a book which promotes the development EI.

The Great News is that you can drastically increase your EI and doing so is the very focus of this course.

Developing your EI will yield all kinds of great results, not only for yourself, but the teams you lead, your family, friends and those people in your life and the organisation you serve. Within this course, we’ll share specific tips and strategies for developing your emotional intelligence.

While this course touches on the skills and knowledge that you need to be a great leader, it importantly explores in detail the attitudes and habits that are the elements which really impact performance. Never before has emotional intelligence and leadership been brought together in this way to help you develop your team’s performance.

This is because other proponents of life change focus only on a symptom like having more confidence or propose some magic pill formula that will supposedly turn your life around.

What they fail to address are the driving forces behind your ability, actions, mental states and your ability to stick to those lifestyle changes in this first place. In other words they focus on knowledge and skills but not the attitudes and values.

Understanding this is key to the type of transformation will help you accomplish in this course. The kind of transformations that will make you a highly effective individual and leader.

EI is the closest thing to a magic pill that I have found, but I will be honest enough to say that it will take some time and focus on your part but the benefits are staggering.

Advantages of developing your Emotional Intelligence:

  • improved communication with others
  • improved relatiomships
  • better empathy skills
  • how to live with integrity
  • gain the respect of others
  • improve career prospects
  • dealing with change more confidently
  • less susceptibility to falling prey to power dynamics
  • feeling more confident and positive
  • reduced stress levels
  • increased creativity
  • regaining control of your life

This course will support the above claims with both theoretical and practical evidence that EI and your performance in general as a leader are connected and that rather than being another here-today-gone-tomorrow fad.

EI is here to stay and more and more organizations are investing large sums into Emotional Intelligence testing and training because they are wising up the many benefits that doing so will attract. EI development on a personal, professional, and organizational level will lead to a sustainable high productivity successful driven and achieving experience.

We will explore the competencies, skills, attitudes which it takes to become an effective leader. Have a look at the Curriculum to see what we which topics you go through in this course.

Success in any field is not a matter of chance, nor thing to be wished for and waited on. It is a thing to be achieved through Patience, Belief, Confidence and Performance which are all by products of EI. If you wish leave that rut in your life and gain incredible success through the development of the mentioned areas, then you are welcomed to enroll in this course to get to your long lasting change under way.

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