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Emotional Intelligence:  It’s Personal, Not Business

Emotional Intelligence: It’s Personal, Not Business

Price: $24.99

When is the last time you felt peaceful, free of stress or worry? Do you feel confident that you have the tools to face, and bounce back from, any challenges that you might encounter in life?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a term most often used in the business world, but emotional intelligence is for everyone. This course identifies the facets of emotional intelligence and well-being that are not taught in schools and is the beginning of a repository of information for those seeking to edify themselves and transform their inner well-being and their lives.

In this first course Emotional Intelligence: It’s Personal, Not Business you will:

  • Receive powerful ways to re-wire yourself for inner harmony and emotional wellbeing

  • Be able to identify thoughts you have been thinking that have been tripping you up

  • Learn where emotional pain comes from and how to not let it affect you like it has

  • Learn how to successfully implement change

  • Uncover the reasons why you have been held hostage to negative emotions and stress and replace them with a solid emotional base and the real peace you’ve longed for.

This course is rich with knowledge and tools and you’ll find yourself re-listening to it over and over to try new ones. Even if you only implement one thing … one change … you will find that you make a huge leap towards the peaceful and happy life you have been longing for. One client said it to me this way: “I am amazed that after just hearing this information I am not the same person, and I can’t go back to thinking the way I did before.”

My name is Cynthia Shepherd and I have been a life coach for 20 years, helping people transform the areas of life that have pained them and stymied them. Over the past decade I’ve been asked repeatedly by clients to write a book so that more people could benefit as they have. The book is nearing completion but when I discovered Udemy I felt this might be an even faster way to get my message out to more people.

You have the opportunity here and now to create your inner foundation of calm and the emotional toolbox that will serve you the rest of your life. I look forward to hearing your success stories and to celebrating with you your newfound freedom.


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