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Emotional Intelligence: Learn, Practice and Coach others

Emotional Intelligence: Learn, Practice and Coach others

Price: $94.99

Empower your EQ Abilities with a Scientific-Based Approach, innovative methods, the power of Machine Learning and personalized coaching.

We have prepared an exciting course for you to assist you with developing Self-Management, Relationship Management and introspection skills to build a high level of Emotional Intelligence. Each EQ ability is broken down into micro-skills that you will practice while you navigate your day-to-day challenges. What makes this course different from others, is that you will have the opportunity to engage with a Goleman Ei Certified Coach and get their feedback on your progress on every single Emotional Intelligence competency.

As an Udemy student, you are entitled to a complimentary access to Ai 4 Ei coaching portal for 30 days, where you will have access to a data-driven EQ and Behavior assessment, interact with the coach and also receive analysis snapshots on you sentiments, emotions and the EQ skills used in your submissions.

Artificial Intelligence will deliver a report on your strengths and weaknesses on the various micro-skills that compose the EQ abilities you will learn in this course.

We encourage journaling, which is a powerful tool to write down your thoughts. You will be given access to a journal engine where you will be able to share your thoughts and feelings. Your coach will give you feedback along with Ai Analysis snapshots.

After completion, you will have the knowledge and skills that you will confidently use to transform yourself into an agent of change.

To celebrate your success, you will be offered a FREE live coaching session for 45 minutes to discuss your journey and your future intentions. (Optional)

DISCLAIMER: Udemy Discounts and Free Coupons ARE NOT eligible for Coaching. Only students who pay $129.99 are entitled to access the Coaching Platform Ai 4 Ei for 30 days and receive a 45 min coaching session. For more information email


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