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Emotional Intelligence Rewriting your Story

Emotional Intelligence Rewriting your Story

Price: $94.99

Sometimes we go through tough times in life and we may have wounds from the past that are blocking our progress or we are in a self-sabotage cycle.

How many things in your personal or professional life have you been trying to change, but without knowing what to do, you always end up repeating the same experiences?

This course will use all the fundamentals of emotional intelligence, why developing it is important, what are the first steps to start your journey.

I created this course focusing on the most important topics to bring you what you really need to know to start changing your life, using science and the ancient wisdom of biblical intelligence.

The content is rich, the classes are short but deep and without overlap so that you get the most of it.

This emotional intelligence course has a tested and proven way to heal the emotional wounds of your life, that you may didn’t even know you carrying it through your life.

I will take you through:

  1. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  2. The base for Emotional Intelligence

    The Morris Massey’s stages of development

    The Pyramid of Maslow

  3. The line of life

  4. Self sabotage

  5. Changing Process

    The process of changing

    Who are you

  6. Shielding your mind

  7. How to rewrite your story

You will learn how:

To deconstruct limiting beliefs that keep you from developing.

To Increase self knowledge

To Develop better relationships

To Strengthen self-confidence

To Direct the focus to the solution

To Re-write your story

To Reach your goals


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