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Empowerment, Community and Movement

Empowerment, Community and Movement

Price: $19.99

Updated August 09th, 2020

Feel helpless

because we have so many problems that don’t get solved? Do you have the feeling that the leaders in our society are not interested in solving the big problems we have? Maybe the issue is that they don’t know how?

You can make much more of a difference than you realize

  • Each small step we talk allows us to learn, to gain a sense of accomplishment, to risk even more.

  • Change is evolutionary, not revolutionary….and it starts with each one of us

  • When you feel more self-assured, then you are much more open to different viewpoints

  • Diversity is not something theoretical. It needs to be lived

An open appeal to you

Those who sign up for this course should be ready to provide feedback. Only by understanding your needs can we create something meaningful together!

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