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End Game: The Ultimate Accelerated Learning System

End Game: The Ultimate Accelerated Learning System

Price: $19.99

Note from Timothy:

I added a 9th course to this bundle in 2019.04 on test taking, it was formerly a separate course called “Ace Your Finals” but it really applies to any kind of test or quiz taking…I just happened to release it during finals season a few years ago. It also reflects the big idea of this course which is that different learning projects have different outcomes, sometimes you want to memorize for a test and then it’s ok to forget most of it, other times you want long term retention, or you want to build a specific skill like playing an instrument or composing music or writing a program. Each learning project should be done differently based on what outcomes you are looking for. Each of the courses/sections in this mega course that come after note taking should be seen in this frame, of a certain TYPE of end game or outcome or deliverable that the learning project is designed to fulfill.

-Timothy (2019.06.09)

The Most Successful Accelerated Learning Course Series of All TimeNow All in One Course

8 Courses, covering all 7 stages of the learning process, now combined into one Massive Course.

27+ Hours of high quality, 720p and 1080p video.

The #1 learning system in the world.

What does any Grandmaster teach their pupil first?

End Game.

End game means focusing on results.

And then working your way backwards.

You want to win?

You start with the end in mind.

Then you learn mental frameworks for how to get there.

This is the principle that separates this learning system from everything else on the market.

Sometimes I hear jokes.


If you’re teaching accelerated learning, why is your course so long?

It should be, like, an hour long.

I don’t bother with these people much anymore.

But when I did, I would tell them this.

You have been lied to.

Learning is not easy.

Learning fast is not easy.

Achieving greatness, in anything, is not easy.

It’s not a hack or cheat code you plug in.

It’s not a “switch” that you “flip” in your head.

It’s not a pill you take or some magic pixie dust you sprinkle on yourself.

It is a discipline.

It is a system that you apply.

You work the system, you get the results.

The first big lie that most people believe in when they start out is that learning is basically what you did in school.

When done right, it’s the furthest thing from it.

Most people learn in school to play an elaborate game of reading, cramming, test taking and forgetting.

The second big lie comes later.

You are interested in productivity, so you think…how do I get more productive with my learning?

You might hear something about speed reading.

Which is mostly a joke.

Yea, skimming has it’s uses, and yea, if you are making egregious mistakes you can clean them up, but it’s not a game changer by any means. (You’ll learn what really is game changing inside the course in the ironically named “speed reading” section).

Here’s the deal with speed reading. It ignores the end game.

The end game is one of three things.

Long term retention of knowledge. (Years, Decades)

Building a skill. (via deliberate practice, the scientifically proven best way to build skills)

An Action Plan. (You don’t need to memorize everything…just implement the plan, store your plan in your organized learning project system and then retrieve it later if needed)

What the speed reading gurus fail to mention is that they have no strategy for long term retention.

Great, you read fast.

Great, you say you actually comprehend it.

Now you’re telling me you are also memorizing it on the fly? And that the laws of spaced repetition for memorization don’t apply to you?

It’s not real. It’s not a real thing. It’s a pipe dream.

You can’t get spaced repetitions unless you are taking notes in some way as you are learning.

You will learn how to do that most efficiently inside the course.

Now, onto the second part of big lie number two.

This one is about memory.

The “darling” of the accelerated learning world for the last decade.

It also doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

What you will learn in most accelerated learning courses is that you can develop an infinite, photographic memory if you just learn some mnemonic tricks and build some memory palaces.

Turns out, this doesn’t actually work.

And, on a side tangent, don’t pay attention to the memorizing decks of cards or digits of pie strategies, they turn out to only apply to a tiny minority of memorization situations, those where you have a small set of the same things that you are memorizing over and over again, like 52 cards or 10 digits. They don’t work nearly as well for arbitrary info.

Here’s why they don’t work.

Even if you use these memory palaces and mnemonics, you are still not even half way home.


Because if your goal is years or decades long retention, you still need to do spaced repetitions.

Mnemonics just make it so you have to do spaced repetitions slightly less often.

What that means is that you still have to do all those spaced repetition.

It sucks, but it’s really the only way to keep stuff reliably in that extremely valuable and limited real estate between your ears.

In other words, the rent is not cheap when it comes to your brain.

You have to pay top dollar in terms of time and energy to retain information long term, or it will get evicted.

And this is where other learning systems fall apart.

They have no system for helping you to get those spaced repetitions months and years after the fact.

That book you just read?

Where are your notes?

How are you going to get your 5th spaced repetition on it one and a half years from now?

How many piles of papers will you have to page through to find it?

How many hundreds of search results will you have to pore over in Google Desktop or Dropbox or Google Drive or Evernote or OneNote until you find them?

Now multiply that by the hundreds of books and courses and other stuff you will be learning from over the next few years, not to mention decades.

It’s a joke.

But it’s not funny if you are serious about your learning.

You get to a point where you eventually realize you need a system for this stuff to even begin to work.

You realize you need a learning project organization system that will allow you to easily retrieve your notes months and years later so you can get your spaced repetitions.

You need a sane way of scheduling those repetitions so you aren’t spending all of your time figuring out what you are supposed to do next.

If you are ready to truly become an elite level accelerated learner, this is the only course that will take you there.

If you think you are ready, I look forward to seeing you on the inside.



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