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Enterprise Information Security Management: Tools

Enterprise Information Security Management: Tools

Price: $79.99

The purpose of this series course is to address the growing challenges of managing information security risks in enterprise and government organizations, prompted by the complexity and risks of today’s changing technological landscape, as well as increasingly demanding business aspirations. These challenges are further escalated by the inadequacies of existing risk management models and professional development approaches.

Similar to warfares,In information security, there are various strategies, frameworks, approaches, and models, that have been developed over the years, which could help practitioners design, plan, build, deploy, and operate an information security management program in organizations. In this part, we’ll discuss how organizations use them.

By the end of this module, you should gain a level of understanding of the models, frameworks, strategies, and approaches applicable to enterprise information security management; discourse their pros and cons, and apply your learning to given scenarios and in your organizations.


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