Kiuj estas la roloj de Ball Boys / Knabinoj en futbala matĉo? – Historio, Elekta Procezo, Plej Sukcesa


Sendube, plej multaj Infanoj, kiuj amas la belan ludon de piedpilko, saltos je oferto por fariĝi pilka knabo aŭ knabino. Tio estos revo realiĝanta por multaj! In this article we will share the history behind this? what the selection process is like? And are some of the most successful and memorable ball boys/girls? Certe, If you have a kid(s) who love football or you do, then this should be an interesting read for you!

Source of image: The Scottish Sun
(Source of image: The Scottish Sun)

What are the roles of Ball boys / Knabinoj

There is much more involved in the role of being a ball girl/boy than simply collecting and providing balls to the players. It has its many advantages, one of the main ones being that allows the kid to become even closer with their favourite team and gain access to the best view in the house! Pli grave, the role of being a ball boy/girl provides them with valuable and beneficial experience such as commitment and working within a pressured environment on the field. Most clubs will look for certain characteristics when choosing the lucky boy/girl to take the role. Clubs will tend to go for those who they believe are committed as well as energetic and can move quickly when throwing and catching a ball.

Selection Process for Ball Boys / Knabinoj

Clubs will often select their ball boy/girl from their local youth league. Many will invite the kids, usually under the age of 16, to trial where they will then be selected based on this. However some clubs such as Manchester Utd have provided the opportunity for kids to come forward on their website if they met the specifications, in terms of age and commitment. Some clubs have even selected kids randomly through methods such as a prize draw.

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