Kial La El Luchador,Rey Mysterio portas vizaĝan maskon al la WWE-ringo


Oscar Gutierrez (naskita decembro 11, 1974), better known by his ring name Rey Mysterio and a proud el Luchador, estas meksik-amerika profesia luktisto nuntempe signita al WWE , kie li rezultas sur la Raw-marko. Laŭ ESPN, he iswidely regarded as the greatest cruiserweight in pro wrestling history”.

Why Rey Mysterio wears a maskThe Story Of An El Luchador


The Legendary Luchador,Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is an el luchador.

He is Mexican-American so it makes sense that he would bring in some of those aspects to his pro wrestling persona. Since he is a babyface, he has a wide range of high flying moves which is usually the case in lucha libre.

Li ankaŭ wears a masko for the very same reason.One of the main aspects or features of lucha libre is the mask.

Most wrestlers wear a mask in a manner similar to that of comic book superheroes. Ankaŭ, its very important to the culture of lucha libre.

Masks are symbolic of the character that the wrestler is playing- bestoj, old heroes, mythical beings etc.

Other luchadors who wear masks include the Lucha Dragons- Kalisto and Sin Cara, Dos Caras(Alberto del Rio’s father), Mil Mascaras(del Rio’s uncle), El Santo and Blue Demon.


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