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Integración y entrega continuas con Azure DevOps

Integración y entrega continuas con Azure DevOps

Precio: $29.99

Just getting started with a career in DevOps? or already working in DevOps / Infrastructure however keen to understand the fundamentals of Azure DevOps? This course is the tailor-made basis on multiple project experience with Azure DevOps, all of the hands-on sessions are performed right from scratch to make sure users are able to understand from the inception.

How the course is structured?

  • We will start the Module with Azure DevOps organization, scale organizations by creating multiple projects per team.

  • Create work items, cuentos, Tareas, epics inline with your organization business needs

  • Plan sprint(s) by assigning work item from your backlog to sprint

  • Tag and color work-items to filter tasks by using Azure DevOps queries.

  • Learn the fundamental of Continous Integration & Delivery for Infrastructure as a code using Azure DevOps classic pipeline

  • Build Release pipeline leveraging different tasks on Azure DevOps

  • Write YAML pipeline for configuring CI CD pipeline using pipeline structure like stages > Jobs > Steps > Task

  • Create Multi staged pipeline to deploy Infrastructure on Azure

  • Configure variables, condiciones, custom bash script in Azure DevOps pipeline.

What are we going to deploy?

  • Since the course is built around Infrastructure Deployment, we would be deploying infrastructure on Azure using the Terraform Code.

  • You may find the entire code repo along with the YAML Pipeline in the repo which can be download from the resource section in the course.

This course is one of the few in the marketplace, where it is being regularly updated almost realtime basis as soon as the publisher launch any new set of feature, we make sure learner enrolling into the course get the best out of the content.

We also as a team strive to be customer focused by making sure whatever queries are being put on direct messages or in community, we try to get back to the learner within 24 hours if not early, there have been scenarios where in our instructors have been on screen sharing session with the users and helped them solving the problems.

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