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Clase magistral de hábitos: 7 Pasos sencillos para crear hábitos poderosos

Clase magistral de hábitos: 7 Pasos sencillos para crear hábitos poderosos

Precio: $74.99

Saca tu cuaderno 7 Easy Steps you can use TODAY to build powerful habits in your life.

Because if you’re tired of your habits destroying you

Instead of making your life better

I Made This Habits Course For You.

Al final de este curso, you’ll have a simple framework to create any habit you want in your life

Because if you’re like most people, you’ve tried creating new habits, maybe even read some books on it, and failed, de nuevo, and again, and again

AND…you know that if you just created some new habits, you’d live an entirely different life.

Habits Like

  • Getting up at 6 AM instead of hitting snooze 6 veces

  • Getting to work instead of procrastinating on email

  • Staying focused instead of checking your phone every time it buzzes

  • Keeping your house clean, instead of letting a mess pile up

  • Feeling excited instead of feeling in a rut

  • Meditating every morning instead of going through your day like a zombie

  • Eating a salad instead of grabbing a burger

  • Going to the gym instead of sitting on the couch

  • Going to bed instead of watching Netflix

Here’s what we’re going to do in this Insider MasterClass

primero, We’ll Shatter The 3 Monster Habit Myths That Are Secretly Sabotaging Any Shot You Have of Creating Powerful Habits [LECTURES 2-4]

Siguiente, We’ll Decode The Anatomy of a Habit à so you can create new habits whenever you want [Lectures 5-6]

Finalmente, We’ll Walk Through 3 Simple Steps for You To Create Your First New Powerful Habit, al final de este curso [Lectures 7-10]

I read 34 books on habits, addictions and neuroscience, experimented with the techniques and boiled it ALL down into un simple, straight to the point system you can use in your life today to build powerful habits.

I’ll show you how to make building habits as easy as it is to turn on the TV.

Listo para comenzar?

dolick the buy now botón y te veré dentro del curso.

botón y te veré dentro del curso!

-Brandon Hakim

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