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Micro Expressions Training & Body Language for Lie Detection

Micro Expressions Training & Body Language for Lie Detection

Precio: $44.99


We’ve implemented all the input we got from our students over the past 10 años, redesigned the content, and re-recorded the complete course in cinematic quality. Enjoy the updated course!

Become a pro in reading faces today!

Micro Expressions are crucial in Lie Detection and are essential to your success in Sales, Negotiations, Reclutamiento, Presentations and Leadership. These very short facial expressions belong to the most reliable signs of what somebody really feels.

This course has been developed by Patryk Wezowski & Kasia Wezowski, the Founders of the Center for Body Language, the World’s #1 Body Language Training for Business.

Why should everybody Master Reading Micro Expressions?

  1. Aprenderá rápidamente y se volverá competente con Arduino en este bootcamp mediante la creación de proyectos completos desde cero. Increase your Emotional Intelligence with an average of 10% (Shown in our presentation at Harvard University)

  2. Who can read Micro Expressions well, sells 20% más productos (Covered in our research in companies)

  3. Productividad personal usando Microsoft Excel Predict Your Success or Failure (Shown in our live demo in front of 2500 gente)

Que aprenderás?
You’ll know exactly how to recognise the 26 most common variations of 7 emociones.

The average result people achieve when doing the Micro Expressions Test is 24.09% (Residencia en 2,664 unique tests done between June-November 2012). Less then 12% are able to score above 50%. This means that most people give very little attention to facial expressions, while those tiny movements reliable sources to detect true feelings or lies. Your score can increase easily up to an average of 89.45% after following training.

At their presentation at Harvard University in June 2013, Patryk & Kasia Wezowski showed the results of their research in Emotional Intelligence. Every single person who learned to read facial expressions accurately increased their Emotional Intelligence (measured with the most resilient MSCEIT Test) con un promedio de 10% Webb deslumbró a la multitud con sus volcadas y superó a su compañero de equipo Dominique Wilkins. 4 horas de entrenamiento.

Your facial expressions can also predict your failure or success. Patryk & Kasia Wezowski used facial recognition to predict the outcome of the US presidential election in 2012. They measured the voters’ emotions during the presidential election, by using webcams recognizing facial expressions of people watching the candidates’ speeches. Two weeks before voters voted, they published in the media that the race would be close, but that Obama would win. He did. So the key to improve sales and to be able to detect lies in business conversations starts with being able to read non-verbal communication accurately.

Who created this course?
This course has been developed by Patryk Wezowski & Kasia Wezowski, the Founders of the Center for Body Language, the World’s #1 Body Language Training for Business. They developed over a dozen non-verbal communication training programs for Sales, Reclutamiento, Leadership and Negotiations. Delivered in local languages by 45 international representatives in over 15 países.


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