¿Cuál es el término médico para la micción frecuente?


Micción frecuente, o frecuencia urinaria o poliuria es que el tiene que ser obligado a orinar más típicamente de lo habitual. Los diuréticos son medicamentos que aumentan la frecuencia urinaria. nocturia is that the would like of frequent voiding at midnight. The foremost common explanation for urinary frequency for women and youngsters may be a tract infection. The foremost common explanation for urinary frequency in older men is an enlarged prostate.
Frequent urinaton is closely related to frequent incidents of urinary urgency, that is the sudden need to urinate. It’s typically, thonot essentially, related to incontinency and kidney disease (large total volume of urine). sin embargo, in alternative cases, urinary frequency involves solely normal volumes of excrement overall.

Frequent urination is also caused by diseases affecting the urinary tract at any level. The tract includes the kidneys, the tubes connecting the kidneys to the bladder (ureters), the bladder, and therefore the duct through that excrement flows from the bladder out of the body (urethra).

Several factors is also connected to frequent urination, como:

• Infection, enfermedad, injury or irritation of the bladder
• Conditions that increase excrement production
• Changes in muscles, nerves or alternative tissues poignant bladder operate
• Certain cancer treatments
• Drugs or beverages that increase excrement production

Depending on what is inflicting your frequent voiding, you will expertise alternative urinary issues, como:
• Pain or discomfort throughout voiding
• A robust urge to urinate
• Difficulty urinating
• Loss of bladder management
• Unusual excrement color

Diabetes and excessive urination volume

Diabetes mellitus (often merely referred to as diabetes) is one among the foremost common causes of kidney disease. during this condition, high amounts of glucose (glucemia) collect in your urinary organ tubules and cause your excrement volume to extend.
Another style of polygenic disorder referred to as diabetes will increase your excrement volume as a result of your body isn’t manufacturing enough vasoconstrictor. vasoconstrictor is additionally referred to as ADH or antidiuretic hormone. ADH is created by your pituitary body and is an element of the fluid absorption method in your kidneys. Your excrement volume will increase if there’s not enough ADH created. It also can increase if your kidneys can’t properly management the fluid passing through them. this can be referred to as nephrogenic diabetes.
Your doctor can live your blood sugar if they believe that polygenic disorder is inflicting your kidney disease. If a style of diabetic disorder is inflicting polyuria, your doctor can advocate treatment and mode changes to assist get your diabetic disorder in check.




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