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Exam MB-700: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Exam MB-700: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Price: $19.99

Exam MB-700: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Solution Architect Test series

Solution Architects for Finance and Operations apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are trusted advisors who understand business recommended practices and software capabilities. They lead team members to implement Dynamics solutions that can achieve the predefined implementation goals.

A Solution Architect is accountable for the integrity and successful delivery of end to end solution. The architect provides critical guidance during pre-sales throughout the design process and continues the oversight throughout the remainder of the project lifecycle to address issues that arise throughout the implementation and ensuring the achievement of implementation goals.

The Solution Architect must have a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience on industry standards and product capabilities. The Solution Architect must have broad expertise in both functional and technical areas of Dynamics solution. They should know about platforms, tools, and functional areas such as finance, supply chain management and manufacturing. In addition, they have extensive domain knowledge in one or more customer industries.


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