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Excel VBA Programming A-Z. Learn To Program With Excel VBA

Excel VBA Programming A-Z. Learn To Program With Excel VBA

Price: $49.99

Visual Basic Applications (VBA) is a Microsoft Office feature that allows users to automate repetitive tasks beyond simply recording macros. VBA does more than just automate tasks, it can also provide new functionality to extend an Office program’s capabilities. VBA is programming for beginners, there are no programming prerequisites to learning.

Learn VBA programming from the oldest course in the country. Learn Excel VBA programming with a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Office Master Instructor with over 20 years experience teaching and 30 years experience programming.

The course includes a 510 page manual with a 30 page appendix with answers to homework assignments. The only course to teach UserForms over 4 hours. The only course to teach communicate with other programs for over 4 hours. Over 3 hours of PivotTables and over 1 hour of Chart automation.

Hundreds of megabytes of workbooks.

Homework assignments to practice.

Our online VBA training teaches you all the Excel and VBA skills you’ll need to write your own programs and read other people’s code. Our exclusive course covers the following material:

  • Introduction to Macros and the VB Editor

  • Variables

  • Navigate Cells, Ranges, Sheets

  • Navigate with Variables

  • Read and Write to Cells

  • Locate Key Columns

  • Name Ranges

  • Add, Name, Hide, and Count Sheets

  • Work with Worksheets with Variables

  • Loop with For Next

  • Control Flow with If Then Logic

  • Dialogs, Message Boxes, and InputBoxes

  • Work With Formulas and Functions

  • Create User Defined Functions

  • Use Workbook Events

  • Call Subroutines and Pass Variables

  • Global Variables

  • Create Customer User Forms

  • Object Variables

  • For Each Loops

  • Do While and Do Until Loops

  • Array Variables

  • Charts

  • Pivot Tables

  • Open Database Connectivity

  • Communicate with Other Office Programs

  • Run SQL Queries

  • Set Programs To Run On Specific Days/Times


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