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Face your death – win your life!

Face your death – win your life!

Price: $69.99

You live more intensely, joyfully and powerfully when you face the fact that you will die one day. Like everybody else.

The course invites you to confront and reconcile with the reality of human life and death. Many exercises and meditations guide and accompany you. It will be an intense journey!

You can intellectually accept your death and yet be emotionally cut off from it. But hidden feelings of fear will constrain you in your life. It doesn’t matter how old you are, because nobody knows how long your life span really is.

Find the enormous freedom that lies in looking reality in the eye! Start living your life to the fullest! There is nothing to lose.

This course is the fruit of my 40 years of work as a therapist and seminar leader.

Feedback on udemy

“Beyond expectations.ı fall in love with the attitude of him. I have done some other Bertold’s courses. Perfect for me:)“ NIhan Seher Özkan

“i feel very relaxing” Ramakant Soni


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