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Final Cut Pro X – Edit Broll

Final Cut Pro X – Edit Broll

Price: $19.99

Learn the basics of Final Cut Pro X and how to utilize these technical skills while editing b-roll footage. A great way to start learning is by editing your own videos based on what you learn here. I’ll also provide simple lessons so you can get the feel of the platform and be able to begin filming either at home, school, work or for any commercial work you are doing.

You’ll learn what has been most useful for me as I was building my production company from ground up. I strongly feel that beginners just need to start editing with a shorter tutorial instead of diving into a 3 hour training from the beginning.

In this course, you’ll create a short video that tells a story by editing supplemental footage (or B-roll)

Some key skills include:

  • Hard drive and storing data

  • Create a new Library, Event & Project.

  • Importing footage

  • Inserting footage to a project

  • Basic Editing, Tools dropdown

  • Music

  • Markers

  • Speed

  • Stabilization

  • Effects

  • Transitions

  • Exporting settings for the internet

  • How to move forward after you complete this class

Project files are available to download

This class is for beginner students that want to use simple techniques for that is suitable to any video project they want to create themselves.

Exercises includes that you go out and shoot b-roll or use some of the footage you have on your phone. Use what you learned in this course by creating your own short 1-3 minute video. Edit with music and share it here in the Q&A.


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