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Forensic Investigator Practice Exam

Forensic Investigator Practice Exam

Price: $99.99

IMPORTANT before purchasing:

**This course is not intended to replace studying any official vendor material and you will not be getting the official material as a part of this practice test course. You will only get the notes I used to study for my exam.

**This course contains practice tests only and not an actual video training course for any forensic investigator exams.

**It is highly recommended that you do more to prepare for the exam than just taking these few practice tests.

**This course will not grant you the official certification. You will still need to sit for the real exam.

NOTE: The link to the FREE notes/guides is in the welcome email for the course.

You CAN Pass the Forensic Investigator Exam.

Check out these recent reviews from students:

“Awesome value – learned more than in class; An absolute must have.” — Andre R.

“I just passed last night. This course really helps to prepare for the exam. I also really appreciate the time he took to put in detailed explanations for the correct answer.” — James R.

“Great questions, good format. I bought this after I failed V9 and then passed it the second time.” –Gregg M.

“Awesome notes. Used the 48 page notes along with the crash course and tool notes. Took all the sample test at least once. I committed myself to one week of intense studying. I did nothing all week but study and study CHFI. Passed the exam one time. This course helped me massively. Trying to write my own notes from the official study guide was frustrating. I used it to fill in where I clarification was needed. Good luck.” —- A.K.

“I’ve just passed on CHFI v9 exam and I can say this practical course helped me a lot. Through this course, I could assimilate and memorize forensics main concepts and tools. Also, Ken shared his personal notes for the exam, the Crash Study Guide is fantastic. I would say this practical course is great and together with the official course, it’s a must-have material for passing the exam. Ken did a great job here. I truly recommend this course.” –Eduardo M.

“Thank you for the valuable and highly relevant study material and quizzes. There seemed to be a disconnect between the EC-Council text and the content coverage they determined critical on the exam. It seemed only 60% of what was quizzed was on the exam. This helped fill in the gap.” —– Samuel G.

“Took the tests, studied what I got wrong, and passed the official certification! Great job!” –Michael P.

**All course tests have been updated to add better explanations and to better match the type of content tested on the Forensic Investigator exam.

  • You will get over 300 questions throughout these exams, including a timed 150 question practice exam to simulate the real exam.

  • Free study guides and notes are also available. These are the same guides and notes that I used to PASS my exam. (please see the course welcome email for instructions on how to get the notes/guides)

Any Security Professional can find their areas of weakness for the Forensic Investigator exam by using the Forensic Investigator Practice Exam Course because it covers the major areas seen on the actual exam, based on my first-hand experience.

  • Are you studying for the Forensic Investigator exam? If yes, then this course is for you.

  • Are you just wondering what types of areas are covered on the exam prior to making a decision on whether to take it? If yes, then this course is for you.

This course comes with a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee from Udemy, so click the Enroll button now.

I passed my Forensic Investigator exam and so can you.

Like YOU, I was frustrated with the lack of study materials out there for the exam.

*If all this course did was save you a few hours of studying, so you could spend more time with family and friends, would it be worth it to you?

These practice exams are designed to help you gauge your readiness for the exam. The latest version of the exam is much more difficult than previous versions and many individuals fail their first time on the exam. The questions for these tests were created off the knowledge areas seen on the actual exam itself; however, I have not included any actual exam questions in this training.

You will have six (6) exam options: 25 question mini-exams that focus on many of the tools you will see on the actual exam, a 40 question exam that covers many knowledge areas on the real exam (including Dropbox and Google Drive), a 50 question practice exam covering a broad-scope of knowledge, and a full 150 question exam to help simulate the real exam. All exams are timed to help you with your time management during the actual exam.

I have included the heavier tool testing, based on my studying and exam experience. You should realistically be scoring 90% or above on all of these practice tests before considering an attempt at the actual exam.

Complete these practice tests and focus your study on areas of weakness. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions as you study for your exam.

This course comes with a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee from Udemy, so click the Enroll button now.


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