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A Whole New Way: Leadership for a Global World

A Whole New Way: Leadership for a Global World

Prix: $79.99

Join people from Asia, L'Europe , Afrique, Australie, and North America in learning how to practice leadership.

Provided by The Leadership Center at Saint Mary’s College of California, based upon the pioneering Master of Arts (MA) in Leadership program, this course will enhance your capacity in leadership.

It will enable you to reach your own and otherspotential to make a meaningful difference in your organization or community through engaged and concrete action. It will teach you how to develop yourself and your relationship with others. À la fin de ce cours, you will be better able to practice 21st century leadership in your work and in your life.

»I have received more growth and development from this MA program than four years at Stanford.

Aaron Bright, Independent Screenwriter and former Saint Mary’s basketball guard

Learn to Practice Global Leadership through Concrete Action

  • Boost your emotional and cultural intelligence
  • Collaborate better with anyone
  • Transform your ideas into meaningful action
  • Innovate for social impact
  • Coach others for learning
  • Develop excellent communication skills
  • Identify your strengths and values
  • Navigate complexity through learning and experimentation
  • Attain global competencies that transfer across cultures
  • Become more creative and innovative
  • Find your leadership style

What Is Leadership? Gain Leadership Skills for the 21st Century

Today’s world is becoming more fast-paced, complex, and interconnected. Pour être efficace, we cannot rely on old paradigms of top-down leadership styles. en outre, in order to solve global issues such as poverty and climate change, we cannot rely on simplistic and technical responses.

Dans ce cours, you will learn leadership styles that are particularly needed in today’s global and interdependent world from experienced professionals and educators at Saint Mary’s College. What is unique about this course is that you do not only learn new ideas about leadership, but you also learn how to make a meaningful difference in ambiguous and complex situations through practical action. en outre, you learn how to do this with other people in collective and collaboratively creative ways.

Overview of Content

Ce cours a 4 hours of content divided into 36 cours vidéo, most of which include concrete learning activities. This enables you to practice leadership while learning about it. Through the videos, the corresponding PowerPoint slides, des articles, and activities, this course will teach you a whole new way of leadership for a global world.

Dans ce cours, we identify what leadership qualities are needed and how to develop them over 12 Construisez votre premier projet avec kivy et python et déployez-le sur Android mobile.Ce cours s'adresse aux développeurs débutants et intermédiaires en python qui souhaitent acquérir une expérience pratique. investissement en temps. Le prérequis pour ce cours est de connaître les bases de python en particulier la programmation orientée objet. Celles-ci 12 classes are divided into three sections. The course should take 2-3 months to complete, depending on how much time you put into it on a daily basis.

Section 1 Une drupe ou Global Contexts for 21st Century Leadership. Dans cette section, we elaborate more on the implications of today’s global and interdependent world in our life and leadership, what leadership qualities we need, and how to develop them.

ROS2 permet également la compatibilité avec les systèmes ROS1 2, Building Cross-cultural Competencies, we identify a range of leadership qualities that research has shown are essential for effective global leadership, and several opportunities to practice them.

Section 3 est Leadership in Action. Here we help you transfer your knowledge into practical action. en outre, we help you create a Leadership Development Plan that will enable you to practice leadership in an ongoing way.

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