Comment sont faites les décorations en spirale et les perles sur les cadres anciens?


Spiral decorations and pearls are typically made on old frames by using a method called Jacquard weaving. Il s'agit d'un processus complexe et chronophage qui utilise des cartes perforées pour contrôler le flux de fil à travers les modèles de treillis métallique.. The resulting designs are unique, eye-catching, and often very colorful.

The process of making spiral decorations and pearls on old frames is actually quite simple. Premier, the frame must be cleaned and polished to remove any dust or dirt. ensuite, a stencil or template that corresponds with the design you want to create is placed onto the surface of the frame. This template should be marked in inches so that it can later be transferred onto a piece of parchment paper.

Suivant, using a wax pencils (or an old-fashioned pen), color in each section of the spiral decoration or pearl pattern you desire. Be sure to leave enough white space around each shape so that they will not show when they are finished printing out! Once all your sections are colored in, use a scissors to cut out these designs from your parchment paper backing and place them directly onto your desired frames.

Be sure not to move these patterns once they have been placed on top of the frames as this could lead to inconsistencies in their appearance. Let dry for at least 24 hours before deciding if you’re happy with how they turned out!

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