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Vous voulez gagner votre formation à un organisme accrédité, université en ligne et sans frais de scolarité? En savoir plus sur la 15 raisons de se joindre UoPeople pour une révolution dans l

Vous voulez gagner votre formation à un organisme accrédité, université en ligne et sans frais de scolarité? En savoir plus sur la 15 raisons de se joindre UoPeople pour une révolution dans l'enseignement

Alors que la technologie progresse, l'éducation est en train de changer pour le mieux. Retour en 2009, un homme a eu la vision de fournir un prix abordable, accessibles et de qualité de l'enseignement supérieur à tous ceux qui dans le monde. Cet homme, Président et fondateur Shai Reshef, created University of the People. Avec plus de 18,500 students who have studied to earn their degree at the accredited online American university comes a new hope that solidifies how education can and should be a human right for all.


Maybe you’ve heard about UoPeople before or maybe this is the first time you’ve come across it. En tout cas, Voici 15 reasons why UoPeople could be an opportunity for you, a friend or a loved one to change their life!


Here is a short video of the reasons to study at UoPeople:




1. Tuition-Free

Did you know that on average, top-tier American universities can cost about $60,000 par an? At University of the People, no student will ever be turned away because of their inability to pay for school. Pour commencer, education is tuition-free, which means that the only costs associated with getting your degree is an application fee and course assessment fees. Par exemple, it’s possible to earn your MBA for as little as about $2,400.



2. 100% en ligne

Thanks to technology and the internet, UoPeople is 100% online. Classes can even be taken on a mobile phone, anywhere and at any time. The only necessity for a desktop or laptop is for an exam. This means that school is totally flexible and students can set their schedule around their learning as they choose when to log on.



La source: Unsplash



3. Diversity of Students

With students from over 200 countries and territories, UoPeople is breaking down geographical barriers and connecting people like never before. Regardless of where one resides, access to education is online so that physical limitations don’t play a factor in hindering one’s learning potential.



4. Small Class Sizes

With the ability to focus and work at your own pace, the classes are designed to be small as well to promote interaction between students. Students receive one-on-one attention from professors digitally, as well as a dedicated advisor to assist with whatever they may need throughout their journey to earn their degree. The small class sizes also mean that students are able to interact with one another and truly learn from each other.



5. Pedagogical Model

Speaking of learning from one another, the diversity and openness of thoughts is made stronger through the pedagogical model. Classes are overseen by course instructors, but students play a pivotal role in the learning process. There are peer-to-peer reviews where students grade one another, as well as an online forum in which discussions occur. The transfer of knowledge, ideas and perspectives makes UoPeople’s learning model one-of-a-kind.



6. Multiple Degree Programs

Offering the most highly sought after and in-demand degrees, UoPeople offers options to earn Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. le four degree programs include Health Science, L'informatique, Education and Business Administration.



7. Qualité de l'éducation

The academic leadership teams hail from some of the most noteworthy institutions from around the world. These leaders volunteer their time, making up a network of about 1,000 volunteers who are helping to change the way education works globally. en outre, they serve as mentors and offer letters of recommendation for students to land internships and jobs in the field they so choose.



8. Accredited American University

Accreditation is of top concern when choosing where to study. Accreditation means that a third and independent party has audited the school to ensure it delivers on its promises. It is the primary means of ensuring educational quality in America. le Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) accredited UoPeople and the school is approved to operate by the State of California.



9. Low Barrier to Entry

In an effort to provide educational access to all, UoPeople does not have a minimum GPA requirement nor does it require the GRE or standardized testing. Recognizing that students come from all different walks of life and have different access to education, UoPeople simply requires that a prospective student provides proof of completion of high school, as well as the ability to speak English proficiently as all coursework is in English.



La source: Unsplash



10. Designed for Employability

Each degree program is created and designed by advisory boards who create a curriculum geared towards employability. The educators and professionals come together to ensure that courses are structured in a manageable way to allow for students to get the most out of the classes so that the knowledge is applicable when they enter the workforce.



11. University Partnerships

UoPeople has academic partnerships with top-notch universities that allow for the transfer of credits should a student choose to complete their degree at a traditional university like New York University, Université de Californie, Berkeley and University of Edinburgh. aditionellement, the Master’s of Education was made in partnership with the International Baccalaureate (IB). The IB is a global leader in the provision of high-quality, accessible programs for K-12 students. Offered by almost 5,000 schools in more than 150 des pays, IB programs encourage both personal growth and academic achievement. The IB requirement to attend a Category 1 Workshop is waived for qualified graduates of the M.Ed. programme.



12. Scholarships are Available

Although the fees are relatively low, there are still options for financial aid in the form of Bourses d'études. At UoPeople, il y a 9 different scholarships offered. These range from scholarships offered to children who were adopted, provided by the Simone Biles Legacy Scholarship Fund, to the scholarships for Brazilian women, funded by the Botari Women’s Scholarship Fund. There are also scholarships for refugees. The availability of scholarships to cover the relatively low fees further support the idea that money should never hinder one’s ability to earn their education.



13. Refugee Assistance

Like money, the political status of one’s home country should not affect their access to education. Although the latter fact is an ideal, UoPeople has made great strides in making this a reality with refugee assistance. Starting with Haiti and the Clinton Global Initiative, UoPeople invited 250 refugees who suffered the tragedy of the Haitian earthquake to attend school for free. ensuite, dans 2015, 500 Syrian refugees were welcomed to UoPeople. À présent, plus de 600 Syrian refugees learn at UoPeople.



14. The Pope, the UN, and the White House Support UoPeople

From the United Nations to the White House and Pope Francis himself, notable figures continue to support the mission of UoPeople. Throughout its history, major names have helped to spread the word and share all that UoPeople offers because it is truly revolutionizing education.



15. Knowledge is Power

UoPeople believes that education as a human right should be universal. That’s why UoPeople continues to take steps to revolutionize education for today and the future.
Autour du monde, access to higher education translates to higher GDP, more safe countries, increased opportunity, and the creation of positive change and innovation that will ultimately help to accomplish world peace.


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