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Get a Job that Makes You Happy

Get a Job that Makes You Happy

Price: $19.99

Evidence shows us that 60% of people are unhappy in their jobs, but, the majority won’t do anything to change their situation. The majority just complain to their work colleagues, friends and family, and continue to turn up to the same job, day in, and day out. And continue to complain. In doing so, they demotivate themselves, and spread unhappiness to the people around them. It’s a negative cycle. We all know how tough it can be to be around someone who moans about their job all the time, even when we care about them.

But today, you made the decision to do something about it. You thought, “Enough is enough”, and went online to find some answers. And now, you’re reading this, because you are unhappy at work, and you want to take some action. You’re already ahead of the game, so I want to congratulate you on that. And you’re just getting started!

The fascinating components of the course are:

  • Emotional intelligence – what it is, and how to harness its power in your job search,

  • The importance of early life events and how they’ve shaped your job choices up to now,

  • Using a tried and tested model from Harvard University to establish what your dream job is,

  • Getting to grips with a simple yet brilliant technique which shows you how to make a plan you’ll stick to, and finally,

  • Effective interview techniques which mean that you stand a greater chance of getting the job you want.

This course is the combination of all of my best, most effective, secret tips, which, if you follow, will move you closer towards getting your dream job. I’ve delivered this course to countless numbers of people in person, and online. I know it works, and I’m so confident, that if you buy the full course, I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy!

I’m going to break down this for you. There are countless courses on the internet, which promise to ‘heal your life’. I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep, as it’s not fair on you, or anybody else.#

And want to know something amazing?

You already possess virtually everything you need to make these powerful changes, to help you get your dream job. You are the one to make it happen, and you are the one who will be responsible for your happiness, and success. Isn’t that amazing?

What You Can Expect to Achieve

Well, you may have the motivation and drive, but feel like you’re missing direction and focus. By the end of the course, you will have learned and begun to practise the skills you need to get a job that makes you happy.

And know what the most amazing thing is?

Once you know this stuff, and the more you practise it, the better and better you get. And, you’ll know it forever. So, it’s a gift to yourself, and an investment that will buy you a happier future. I’m always happy to answer questions and offer guidance, but, I’ve designed the course so you’re not reliant on me, and aren’t tied in to any long pay plans. Everyone’s a winner!

My Story

The journey that took me here has involved many twists and turns, from which I have learned an enormous amount. In October 2013, I was made redundant. It came completely out of the blue! The company I was working for lost its biggest client, and as one of the highest earners, I was first out the door. That day, I made a promise to myself to only apply for jobs I really cared about. On the drive home from the office, I called everyone I knew who did a job that I could imagine myself doing, and being happy. The results were quite fruitful.

Come December, I was faced with a difficult decision. I was offered a well paid job, with a cool American tech company that had opened its headquarters in my home city. Being offered the role was a massive achievement – it had taken 3 interviews and online IQ tests, and I’d beaten off stiff competition. At the same time, I had been informed that I was shortlisted and to be interviewed for a job at the University of Brighton. To the irritation and surprise of the US company, I asked for some time to consider their offer, at which point they reminded me, quite firmly, that people normally accept their offers immediately.

Some events in my personal life at the time, and something that the sales director of the US company said to me in my final interview swung it for me. I went with my gut feeling and took the bold decision to decline their offer.

Bold indeed – I was unemployed, up to my eyes in debt, and being offered a well paid job with a company that was offering me unlimited paid time off every year. Also, I still had to be interviewed by the university for a highly sought after role, that was going to pay me significantly less. Needless to say, I got the job and now, I feel completely vindicated. I love my job. And, of course, I’ve got more than enough money!

Why Am I Doing This?

From my experiences of both working with and being a client of careers counsellors, I have noticed that they provide a very valuable service, helping people to find and apply for jobs that are deemed to be suited to them, based on assessment of skills, and then matching them to the skills necessary to perform the job.

But, what is always missing is, “What work makes you happy?”.

There seems to be nothing in the mainstream which helps people to find out what their dream job is. We know that 60% of people are unhappy at work. This seems conservative to me, as throughout my life, the message I have received from most people is that they hate their job, but they feel like they’ve got no choice. I hate to hear that! I want as many people as possible to enjoy their work. When we’re happy at work, it makes the rest of our life more happy, and, we all know that happiness is contagious. So it will spread to our loved ones, and work mates.

The Benefits

As we spend at least 35% of our waking week at work, it’s essential we feel content there. There’s a tonne of scientific research out there that shows when we’re happier, we’re healthier – mentally and physically. So, the more time we spend feeling happy, the healthier we’ll be!

If you want to take that one step further, you could say that we’re helping our country. The more people that feel happy at work, the healthier they’ll be. So, fewer trips to the doctor or physician, which means less strain on the health care system. Winner!

Founding Principles

I’ve trained for 2 years as a psychotherapist, and am trained as a coach. I’ve helped countless number of students set up and run businesses, some of whom are turning over more than $1 million every year. Added to that, I’ve coached numerous people to get a job that makes them happy, in person, and online.

From a young age, I’ve noticed, and been told, that helping other people to be the best version of themselves is something I’m good at, and something that makes me happy.

Though this course is designed to be for everybody, and easy to understand, it’s inspired by the work of leading psychologists and neuroscientists, and professors from Harvard and Yale. So, you’re in good company, and the methods are proven to work. Remember – if you buy the full course, I offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Heads Up

Ok, so now you’re super motivated and feeling positive about making changes to your working life. Which is great!

Something I always point out is this – not everyone around you will be. Like I said, the majority of people prefer to just complain, and not take any action. Because you’re doing something about it, you may find that some people, even those close to you, are less than encouraging. That’s normal, so don’t feel too disheartened. It’s probably because they feel threatened by how proactive you’re being, and wish they could do the same. Secretly, deep down, they’re wishing you well, and want to see you succeed!

In time, you’ll find that people will be asking you how it’s done! So, stick with it, and the results will come, for sure.

“Thanks to the Happiness Working training course, I’ve made a career change, and am really happy in my new job. Thanks a million!” Elena, 39


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