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Get ready for Power BI certification- Exam 70-778

Get ready for Power BI certification- Exam 70-778

Price: $19.99

************** Please review course and share your feedback***************

I have received a lot of people asking me how to prepare for the Microsoft Certification Exam 70-778: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI. In this test series, I am going to share the general information about the exam and my experience preparing for the exam. I will also provide some of my study materials and highlight the important areas that you will need to focus on the exam.

Quick insight and we will talk about many of these over tests

” The biggest thing is that there was more Power BI Service admin than I expected, things like location of certain settings, etc. But the Power BI desktop stuff involving data modeling / dax / power query was pretty straight forward”

Exam detail

Exam Length: 150 minutes

Passing Score: 700 is passing score out of 1000 points(70%)

Number of questions: 45-55

Languages: This exam is proctored in ENGLISH only. There is not an option for local language PROCTORING AT THIS TIME.

Audiences: BI professionals, data analysts

Certification path: MCP, MCSA

Is the exam difficult?

Power BI is very simple, friendly and intuitive. However, you need to setup environments that have complex technologies to connect to Power BI. You need for example to have SSAS knowledge, SharePoint, Reporting Services, Big Data and Azure SQL. The exam is not hard, but learning all the technologies required for the exam, is definitely hard.

Your performance will be analysed on below exam section

-Consuming and Transforming Data By Using Power BI Desktop (20-25%)

Consuming and Transforming Data

-Connect to data sources

-Connect to Databases, Files (import from Excel) and Folders

-SQL and SQL Server Analysis Services (SASS)

Perform transformations

-Design, Develop basic and advanced transformations

-Apply business rules

-change data format to support visualization

Cleanse data

-Manage incomplete data and meet data quality requirements

-Modeling and Visualizing Data (45-50%)

Modeling and Visualizing Data

Create and optimize data models

-Manage data relationships

-Optimize models for reporting

-Manually type in data

-Power Query

Create calculated columns, calculated tables, and measures

-Create DAX queries formulas for calculated columns

-Calculated tables, and measures

-Use What If parameters

Create Measure performance by using KPIs, gauges and cards

-Calculate the actual; and target and calculate actual to target

-Configure values for gauges

-Use the format settings to manually set values

Create hierarchies

-Create date hierarchies

-Add columns to tables to support desired hierarchy issues

Create and format interactive visualizations

-Select a visualization type; configure page layout and formatting

-Set up configure interactions between visual

-Configure duplicate pages

-Handle categories that have no data

-Default summerization and data

-Categories of columns; position, align, and sort visuals

-Enable and integrate R visuals

-Format calculated measures

-Use bookmarks and themes for reports

Manage custom reporting solutions

-Configure and access Microsoft Power BI Embedded

-Enable developers to create and edit through custom applications

-Enable developers to embed reports in applications

-Use the Power BI API to push data into a Power BI dataset

-Enable developers to create custom visuals

-Configure Dashboards in the Power BI Service(25-30%)

Configure Dashboards, Reports and Apps in the Power BI Service

Accesses on-premises data

-Connect to a data source by using a data gateway

-Publish reports to the Power BI service from Power BI Desktop

-Edit Power BI Service reports by using Power BI desktop

Configure a dashboard

-Add text and images

-Filter dashboards

-Dashboard settings

-Customize the URL and title

-Enable natural language queries

Publish and embed reports

-Publish to web

-Publish to Microsoft SharePoint

-Publish reports to a Power BI Report Server

Configure security for dashboards, reports and apps

-Create a security group by using the Admin Portal

-Configure access to dashboards and app workspaces

-Configure the export and sharing setting of the tenant

-Configure Row-Level Security

Configure apps and apps workspaces

-Create and configure an app workspace

-Publish an app

-Update a published apps

-Package dashboards and reports as apps

Are you ready to take this challenge?

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