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Getting The Job: Preparing for case studies in IT Interview

Getting The Job: Preparing for case studies in IT Interview

Price: $94.99

You done the hard part, now comes the interview…

You have the skills and qualifications, you polished your CV and applied for that your dream job. The next part should be easy, the interview. You know you can get the job, but the only thing that could stop you is the interview case study.

Case studies, either written or asked during the face to face interviews are designed to test both the soft and technical skills of a candidate. Employees today want to see the candidate’s analytical abilities to solve problems. Which is why case studies are a critical part of any employer’s selection process.

Using our methodology, you will be able to break down, analyse and answer any case study. The course contains

  • Instructions on the methodology as to help you answer interview case studies.

  • Time management techniques to ensure you answer on time

  • Step by step examples of how to use the methodology on two test case studies.

  • Techniques on how to frame your answers within the format as understood by the interviewer.

  • Exercises of written case studies, hints on how to answer them and an example answer. They contain both business and IT related case study scenarios.

  • Example of verbal case studies or scenarios questions asked in interviews with example answers.

  • General interview questions and example answers for IT candidates .

This is one of the few courses that does case studies for IT candidates

Note : Additional verbal case studies questions and answers are expected to be added based on feedback from students. See course upload log at the end of the description for details

Why take the risk of not getting that dream job just because you misstep on the interview case study. Take this course now and get that job.

Are you ready? There is all to gain, and with Udemy’s 30 days money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose.

Best Regards

Abdul Maulud.

Course update for Dec2018 – New video of me answering new verbal interview questions as submitted by students.

This course was created by Prof DR. Ir. Maulud. He obtained his Engineering Doctorate (EngD) in Engineering Finance at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia/University of Warwick (Britain) and the MBA Finance from the University of Queensland Business School (Aust).

He has over four decades of working experience in the private companies and Public companies, including the Malaysian Ministry of Finance (MoF Inc). His forte is conducting Feasibility Studies to determine a project’s financial viability.a Phd university professor with over 40 years experience working in the public and private sector in the areas of Finance and Engineering. He is currently an Author, Trainer and Consultant in Business Development.

The instructor for this course is Abdul Maulud, a SAP consultant who has created a number of successful Udemy courses.


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