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GIS in QGIS 3 for beginners

GIS in QGIS 3 for beginners

Price: $99.99

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to start your journey with GIS software by solving a real-life scenario.

We will start by preparing our project and all data we might need, planning our work and managing task progress. I will show you all the most important tools, you will learn how to import and export spatial data, modify it, calculate parameters, search for cases, visualize data, create maps and much more. It is a KNOW-HOW for every beginner in spatial analysis, whether you are a student, an administration employee, a data enthusiast or you just want to expand your competences. By the end of this course You will have a project file that You can later show for example to your future employer.

The course is based on free QGIS software in the latest, 3rd version. Thanks to its open source license, QGIS is widely used by many companies, both state-owned and in the private sector. The environment is constantly being developed, updated and regularly translated into many languages. The multitude of available data analysis options makes it one of the most popular GIS programs in the world!

No knowledge of GIS is required to start the course. You only need to spend some time learning, willingness and knowing how to operate the computer. That’s all, you’ll learn everything else in the course.

The course continues at the intermediate level, where we develop the skills learned in this course.


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