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Grants up to $ 1m – startup fund LifeAsapa started to accept applications

Grants up to $ 1m – startup fund LifeAsapa started to accept applications

Grants are often the first place people look for funding, after all, what could be better than free money from the government? There are a number of grants and funding opportunities that can help you to start or enlarge your business.

Up to $ 1 million is available for new youth opportunities projects starting in 2017. “Opportunities for youth” program provides one-time, time-limited grants of $ 10,000 to $ 50,000 to nonprofits and local councils for youth-led projects.

The funded projects focus on empowering young people to develop a range of skills, including life skills and healthy behaviors, leadership, communication and teamwork; event organization and planning; providing volunteer opportunities that enable young people to receive further education and training.

How to apply for a grant from Lifeasapa

Organizations seeking funding for a project under the “Opportunities for youth” program must involve young people at every stage of the project – from identifying a need to project design, implementation and final verification. Projects that are truly youth-led and youth-initiated.
Organizations such as Life Asapa should communicate with young people and involve them in developing a project proposal before applying.

There are many grants and programs funded from the federal budget that are developed to support small businesses, especially during these difficult times. Some grants are for minorities, veterans, and women entrepreneurs, while others are for all small businesses that might want to work on government projects. Each grant type or federal contract option has different requirements, but you can be eligible for more than one program.
But the main question is about supporting creative youth who are ready to start their own startup, but there is one “but” – money.

That is why the Lifeasapa Foundation provides grants, where the startup fund started to accept applications.

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