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Graphics in PHP

Graphics in PHP

Price: Free

Graphics are one of the most compelling aspects of PHP.

  • Equipped with a powerful GD graphics library, it can dynamically manipulate images. It can create GIFs, JPEGs and PNG files.

  • Use of GD graphics library provides PHP programming with another major advantage.

  • Graphs, Charts, Bar diagrams, line diagrams can be easily created with dynamic properties using this.

  • PHP enables creation of image objects like circle, rectangle, arcs among others that can be manipulated to draw complex designs and patterns.

  • Image scaling is an important aspect that is required in websites.

  • This can be achieved easily using PHP script. It can specify coordinates to the plane of image and scale them automatically to any browser.

Considering above reasons, I decided to create this course. In this course you are going to learn

1. How to generate and save images dynamically in PHP.

2. GD Library Built-in Functions of PHP such as imagecreate() and imagecolorallocate().

3. Learn How to create different shapes like ellipse, line, circle, arc, rectangle.

4. Learn how to write text on images.

5. Learn how to use different fonts on images.

Join me in this course to explore the graphics in PHP. I have just touched the surface of graphics in PHP for you. Enjoy learning this aspect of PHP with me.


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