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Have a goal to reach, here follows the action plan. EQ pinch

Have a goal to reach, here follows the action plan. EQ pinch

Price: $24.99

What the participants would start to feel after actively working on the exercises and challenges here:

First, get the dream job

  • Improve your influence

  • Never lose motivation again even in 365 days

  • Harness your charisma and your hidden potential

  • Identify hidden opportunities

  • Master social situations

  • Take control of your reputation

  • Make an impact on the people you meet

  • Razor-sharp focus

  • Mental models and challenges to get ready for all the opportunities

  • differentiate between busy work and productive work

  • Use habit to your advantage

  • Identify your peak hours for productivity

REQUIREMENTS: The will to succeed, an open mind, and a fresh space to breathe with no disturbance.


The real workshop begins at the end of the sessions (most authors call it a bonus.) Workshop inside the workshop.

Who this course is for?

The student may be an undergraduate, a sales professional, CEO, school student, entrepreneur, an athlete, you can be of any field but it’s for them who need to test success and make it stay longer.

Thanks to :

1) Jim Kwik, who made the world unleash the super brain.

2) Jon Butcher, the person who believes so strong and gave the world the dream Lifebook.

3) Lisa Nichols, the greatest storyteller.

” If you need a razor-sharp focus and never-ending motivation. If you opt to never lose it again, this workshop is for you. “–Author

By the end of the course, you’ll have all the regular practice you need to become the most effective action taker version of yourself.

Instant gratitude is becoming a slow poison in the modern world, I don’t blame it while various factors promote it. This seriously diminishes creativity. In that state, success will always be a dream. Bounce back like a ninja. I may look a little curious sometimes as this is my first ambitious course on this platform and the coach can be nervous too, it’s natural.

These are certain specific methods and extreme challenges which grabbled the attention span of very senior professionals, tested by psychologists, doctors, and entrepreneurs even startup enthusiasts, students and one of the district magistrate.

You begin to add skillsets each day fresh. If you got skillsets, this can sharpen them. This provides you with a single direction to jump into and it’s never going to leave you spending any time to search and distract you from goal again. Now get crystal clear with the goalsetting. The only workshop which can build your home your personal lab. Get ready as the super fuel is ready to ride your engine.

What you need now: Be patient. Take a deep breath, get a fresh sheet and a pen/ pencil. Get on the table now.

  • NOTE: Each day complete a new lesson. Do one challenge each day. How to apply the lessons learned? : Practice each lesson then switch to the next lesson and lecture. The best way to benefit is by going to a new lesson in the fresh morning of the next day. Go for one lesson a day. Practice and schedule is your best weapon.


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