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Healing the Past, Present and Future: Family Constellations

Healing the Past, Present and Future: Family Constellations

Price: $44.99

Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you have issues with money, health, or relationships? Are you unconsciously repeating patterns of your ancestors? This happens because we all inherit unresolved trauma from our ancestors, which often limits our lives and can keep us stuck in different areas.

Our ancestors experienced many conflicts, problems, and challenges. Not being able to fully process their strong emotions at the time of the crisis — like grief, anger, pain, sadness, frustration, and fear — they simply “stuffed” them away, only to get passed down to future generations.

Even without knowing our ancestors, we may end up having similar conflicts, challenges, and unresolved emotions as the ones they experienced. We unconsciously form bonds and entanglements with them, and those patterns get repeated in a quest to finally process and release what they couldn’t.

In this course, you will learn how to start healing these old patterns to create new pathways for more abundance, health, love, and success in your life. Once you are able to solve your issues, you can help heal your whole family, and break the cycle of them affecting your children and their children.

The work that we do to heal comes from love and acceptance. We need to honor and respect our ancestors and all that happened in their lives. This way we can start connecting to their strength, energy, wisdom, and blessings. Once we release these old patterns, it opens the way for a greater flow, whether it be love, success, or deep self-acceptance.


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