क्या DIY श्वसन चिकित्सा उपचार हैं ?


श्वसन रोग एक आम समस्या है जो किसी को भी प्रभावित कर सकती है. कई बार, लोगों को आनुवांशिक रूप से श्वसन संबंधी रोग होने की संभावना अधिक होती है, लेकिन आपका कार्यस्थल या पर्यावरण जोखिम भी एक बड़ी भूमिका निभा सकता है, as a result of this eventuality various respiratory therapy treatments have been adopted overtime which could be either natural or artificial.

Breathing is the process by which an organism exchanges gas between its body cells and its environment. यह is the movement of oxygen from the external environment to cells within tissues, as well as the transport of carbon dioxide from prokaryotic bacteria and archaeologists in the opposite direction to eukaryotic protists, इस प्रयोग में उपचारित मधुमक्खी कालोनियों को वेरोआ माइट्स से पीड़ित दर्जनों छोटी WSU मधुमक्खी कॉलोनियों में माइसेलियल अर्क का मौखिक उपचार दिया गया था।, plants and animals, all living organisms although physiological respiration refers to the metabolic process of an organism to obtain energy (in the form of ATP and NADPH) by oxidizing यद्यपि physiological respiration is necessary to maintain cellular respiration, and therefore life in animals, these processes are different: cellular respiration occurs in individual cells of the organism, while physiological respiration involves the diffusion and movement of metabolites.


Common causes of respiratory diseases

Respiratory diseases can occur due to many reasons. Reports in the medical community reveal common causes are as a result of

* कम immune function

* Harsh climatic conditions and unbearable air pollution

* Excessive exposure to fumes and other toxic substances

* Poor lung development in children/before birth

* Presence of fungal, viral and bacterial infections

Common symptoms of respiratory diseases

Although the symptoms of this disease depend on the condition that the respiratory tract patient is suffering from, NS के ऊपर causes often show the following symptoms

*Breathing problems, such as wheezing or shortness of breath

* Persistent cough(may also be accompanied by mucus)

* Chest tension or restlessness

* Swelling of toes and fingers due to improper breathing

* Sore throat due to soreness and inflammation, may cause changes in sound

* Blood with cough


Respiratory Therapy Department helps patients breathe easier using treatments to preserve or improve the pulmonary or lung function of the patient. The artificial respiratory therapy treatments include; Patient therapies include aerosol treatments, metered dose inhalers, chest physiotherapy, incentive spirometry, oxygen administration and mechanical ventilation.

You don’t need to look far here are 8 natural respiratory therapy treatments

1) पानी: 8-10 glasses a day will keep lungs hydrated eliminating mucus and fight infections
2) Lemon, Ginger and Peppermint: Lemon in hot water at the first hour of the morning and Peppermint tea + Ginger at bed time
3)Breathing Exercises: Deep breathing by Holding the breath and releasing in a single, लंबा, strong Exhalation
4)Take hot shower with Eucalyptus: Hanging a bouquet in your shower room can help calm a sore throat and reduce congestion or clogged sinuses
5)Drink fresh Grape Juice once a day for a week
6) Avoid foods that produce Sugar instead focus on foods high in fibre and antioxidants
7)Avoid inhaling Cleaning Products
8) Stop Smoking!!!

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