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High Performance Leader: Success Secrets & Leadership Skills

High Performance Leader: Success Secrets & Leadership Skills

Price: $94.99


“Motivating and practical tips to take you to the next level, not only in business but in life!” -VANGIE, UDEMY STUDENT

“The course is so simple to understand, and encouraging to learn success is more than a title or money. I would recommend this course to people of all ages.” -CHERIE, UDEMY STUDENT

“Allen Speegle hits on all the right topics to give a well-rounded approach to being a successful leader!” -KRISTEN, UDEMY STUDENT



If you’re wanting to grow your influence, become a leader, and achieve success in life and business — you may be wondering where you should start. You might even be a little nervous about the idea of stepping up and stepping out in the unknown.

The good news is that acheiving success and discovering your purpose doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you want to grow a business, grow your leadership skills, or just grow yourself — this course will help you get to the heart of what you were created to do and teach you the practical skills and principles you need to accomplish it.

Allen Speegle has spent the past 30 years helping people from all over the world achieve success in life and leadership. In this course, he provides practical advice, timeless wisdom, and motivational stories that you can easily apply to your life.



“I found that the course engaging and that it covered many thoughts, which when implemented, will improve an individuals likelihood of success.” -CHARLES, UDEMY STUDENT

“This course, if applied properly can transform the way you see your life and grow you, your family and practically anyone you come in contact with.” -LEVI, UDEMY STUDENT

The information is both applicable and informative. It is presented in a way that makes me excited to start applying the principles to my life and business! -BARBARA, UDEMY STUDENT


If you’re ready to break out of your comfort zone, leave the fear of failure behind you, and grow into the leader you were made to be — then you’re the perfect student for this course. By the end of this course, you’ll know the key principles that all great leaders live by and you’ll have a clearer picture of your unique purpose.

This includes learning about…

  • SUCCESS: Define what true success looks like for you

  • PURPOSE: Learn how to live on purpose

  • ATTITUDE: Learn how to develop a successful attitude

  • OPPORTUNITIES: Discover the key to seeing and seizing opportunities

  • PERSISTENCE: Discover the key to bouncing back after a bad day

  • TIME: Learn how to manage your time so you can get more done

  • OVERCOMING FEAR: Discover how to break out of your comfort zone and overcome your fear of failure

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, or you’re more advanced and wanting to take things to the next level, by the end of this course you will have a proven path to success in life, leadership, and business.


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