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How CIOs Govern Cloud Computing

How CIOs Govern Cloud Computing

Price: $19.99


[Please note that this course isn’t completed yet. In fact, more than 50% is left to be created. We intend to be adding new content monthly and build it up. Please bear with us]

The outsourcing of computing capabilities to public clouds such as Microsoft Azure has brought in new ways of extracting value from IT. Even though the method of delivering that value is no longer dependent on the capital expenditures typical of on-premise IT systems, best practice frameworks exist that cut across these boundaries.

The objective of this course is to reflect on what has made enterprises successfully govern on-premises IT and how those same methods are being used to successfully govern cloud computing assets and to achieve the most business value from cloud computing.

Please note that this course is still work-in-progress and we are still adding new content weekly. Kindly bear with us.


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