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How to become a polyglot. The art of motivation.

How to become a polyglot. The art of motivation.

Price: $94.99

How many times have you started learning a new language and given up? How often have you found yourself in despair and total frustration with yourself despite your strong ambition to speak that language?

If you want to learn how to prepare for your language learning journey, stay motivated, create your personal timeframes, set specific goals and achieve them, this course is right for you. You are going to benefit massively by completing tasks related to your interests and self-actualisation in order to prepare your own language programme with personal deadlines.

You will discover how important it is to personalise your learning whether it relates to languages or to education in general. By acquiring these skills you can focus on languages and other soft skills development that will help you to unfold your potential. After all a language is just a piece of a huge puzzle.

Apart from the boost of motivation you will acquire new skills that will empower you in a struggle with phonetics and vocabulary memorisation. Little grammar hacks will help to start building sensible sentences from the first day. You will also break stereotypes about difficulties in early reading and writing.

Moreover, you will discover why cultural intelligence is so important and how you can use it in your personal and business life.

And remember to believe in yourself!


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