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How to Become a Small Business Networking Ninja!

How to Become a Small Business Networking Ninja!

Price: $44.99

In this course you will learn the 6 BASIC TOOLS and the 10 EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES of a MASTER SMALL BUSINESS NETWORKER. Most people who consider themselves great networkers are actually just great socializers. This course not only covers the ART of networking (socializing) but the SCIENCE of networking (messaging). It is intended for small business owners who are serious about growing their businesses!

This course is basically one hour. It is broken down into 11 segments for your convenience.

You should be prepared to take notes and consider how you will use the information you receive from the course and how you will apply the strategies to YOUR small business.

If you are serious about growing your business and you want to use small business networking as a marketing tool, you need to take this course and pay attention. These strategies and techniques have been time tested and proven to work effectively for any small business.


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