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How to create a movie in Unreal Engine 4 using Metahuman

How to create a movie in Unreal Engine 4 using Metahuman

Price: $24.99

So you are seeing Metahumans everywhere and want to join in the fun but have no idea where to start? Well I think I made the course just for you. In the span of 1 hour, I will teach you what you need to get started with creating a movie in Unreal Engine 4 using Metahumans. See below for hardware requirements and course outline. Please read carefully.

Recommended Requirements: The specs below are what is recommended by Epic Games for Metahuman. Definitely try to see if you can run Unreal Engine first before purchasing this course.

-Metahuman Creator App is still in beta phase and need to request to access.

-Unreal Engine 4.26.1 or later installed

-Basic knowledge of Unreal Engine 4

-IOS Device with Truedepth Camera for livelink face app (check firewall on computer to make sure its not blocking IOS device)

-Windows 10, build 1902 or later, that supports DirectX 12

-A ray-tracing-capable NVIDIA graphics card

-Bonus Lecture Requires Reallusion Character Creator 3 (Optional)

Course Outline by Parts.

Part 1: *Need to ask Epic for access to the Metahuman Creator App*

Metahuman Creator App Overview

Part 2:

Download/Install Quixel Bridge and Megascan Plugin (FREE with Epic Games Account)

Choosing a premade Metahuman Character in Bridge

Creating a new project

Download/Install Rural Australia Environment (free as of 24 April 2021)

Changing defaultengine.ini

Downloading/Importing Megascan asset

Fix texturestreaming oversize error

Part 3:

Force Level of Detail

Download free animation pack from Epic Marketplace

Setting up skeleton from animation pack

Importing premade Metahuman Character in the scene

Changing level of detail of Metahuman

Setting up the skeleton of the Metahuman for retargeting to downloaded animation

Part 4:

Retarget downloaded animation to Metahuman Character

Creating a movie sequencer

Adding Metahuman to sequencer

Using retarged animation to Metahuman in sequencer

Setting up livelink face app to capture facial animation of metahuman using IOS device (free from ios store)

Recording facial animmation with livelink faceapp

Importing motion capture animation (fbx included in the project files)

Setting up motion capture skeleton for retargeting

Setting up Metahuman skeleton for retargeting to motion capture animation

Retargeting motion capture date to Metahuman character

Combining facial capture from livelink face app and body motion capture animation

Turning off autoexposure

Creating/Setting up Basic lights

Creating/Setting up a Basic camera

Part 5:

Finessing lighting

More camera settings

Turning on motion blur

Fixing facial capture using control rig

Adding audio to sequencer

Exporting movie using movie render queue

Part 6 (Optional and requires Reallusion Character Creator 3 and paid animation from Epic Marketplace)

Use Character Creator 3 Clothes with Metahuman

Fixing extra neck mesh issue (Thanks to realtimemayhem for the tip)

Retargeting paid animation to newly Clothed Metahuman Character


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