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How to find your Lovely Job

How to find your Lovely Job

Price: $19.99

This course is created for people who want to find their passion in life. People who want to find what they love doing, what they are good at, what the world needs, and pays well. In other words, you will find “Your life purpose”. You will discover what is your “IKIGAI” Japanese word which means “Reason for being”. Most people find it difficult to find a profession in life. They struggle and do not know what they are good at and what they love. This course exactly shows you how to find your passion in life and become a very successful person.

Because I have also struggled and tried out different things, I always searched on the internet “what is my passion and what I love doing” to be honest I could not find any real strategy which shows how to find my passion. I spend around to find 5 years finding my passion and discovering what am I really good at. Now I am really happy that I have found my passion.

What I will cover during this course?

1. Help you to find what is your “IKIGAI”

2. We will go through many psychological and personal tests

3. How to find what you are good at

4. 9 Types of Intelligence

5. You will definitely find what you love doing

6. 6 Question for finding what you love doing

7. 4 Quadrants of Activities

8. Find your talent

9. 4 types of Temperaments or Personality

10. Find our mission

11. Success formula which can be used by anyone

12. 16 types of Personality based on MBTI test

13. Are you a Dominant, Inspiring, Collective, or Supportive person

14. How to choose a profession which makes you wealthy

15. Find you Vocation

16. 4 Paths for becoming a Millionaire

17. 3 Steps for Wealth

18. How to put your Passion, Mission, Profession, and Vocation, all together and finally find your “IKIGAI”

19. How to use your FULL Potential

20. How to Set goals and achieve them

I hope you will enjoy this course and discover your passion, your core strength, talent, profession. In other words, your will discover your “IKIGAI” which is your life purpose.


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