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How to Implement GDPR, ePrivacy and SCA Regulation Before AI

How to Implement GDPR, ePrivacy and SCA Regulation Before AI

Price: $19.99

The European Commission came up with an ePrivacy Regulation draft as of January 2017. This ePrivacy Regulation has to do with respecting private life and protecting personal data in electronic communications as well as repealing Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (Directive 2002/58/EC).

In this course, you will learn the European Union ePrivacy Regulation as well as the GDPR seven Data Protection Principles. Furthermore, you’ll learn the differences between personal and sensitive data and more about electronic and telephone marketing. You will know more about exemptions and complaints, eprivacy consent, cookies and confidentiality, and when an organization needs to appoint a data protection officer as well.

You will learn more about communications networks and services and when an organization needs to carry out GDPR readiness assessment and when to implement data protection by design and default as well. You will know the general data protection regulation of individual rights, when to report personal data breaches and when to create an information asset register.

The ePrivacy Regulatory standard restricts marketing by electronic message, text, email, and fax or by phone that is not solicited. There are various rules for different communication types. The rules seem to be stricter when marketing to individuals compared to when marketing to companies.

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