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How to Implement RPA in your Organization

How to Implement RPA in your Organization

Price: $94.99

Robotics Process Automation(RPA) is changing the way we work and has become an integral element for any company who is thinking about digital transformation. This market is growing at a fast pace and professionals need to evolve to become a part of this intelligent digital workforce.

Do you want to be in the smart crowd and take the RPA Path?

Then, this course is for you as it aims to answer the Why, What and How of RPA Implementation by adopting a step-by-step approach. We will teach you the essentials of RPA, explain how to overcome RPA Challenges like Process Analysis, Process Identification, Building an RPA team for RPA Managers, Business Case Issues and ROI Analysis through use cases. It will also illustrate how to successfully adopt and manage an RPA Project. Here are just few of the topics we will be learning:

  • RPA and Artificial Intelligence

  • Key Drivers of RPA Adoption

  • Benefits of RPA

  • Use Cases of RPA in Finance and Banking

  • What all teams to onboard for starting RPA

  • How to create a RPA Business Case

  • RPA Team Composition

  • RPA Security Risk and Mitigation

  • Process Identification for RPA

  • Process Assessment Guidelines

  • How to calculate Complexity for a RPA Process

  • ROI Analysis

  • How to manage a RPA Project

  • Templates for RPA Project

  • Best Practices

  • And much, much more !

The Implementation approach explained in the course can be easily applied to a RPA Automation Project with any of the industry leading RPA Platforms like UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism.

Enroll in the course and become a RPA Expert today!


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