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How to Learn: Effective Approaches for Self-Guided Learning

How to Learn: Effective Approaches for Self-Guided Learning

Price: Free

So, you’ve enrolled in a Udemy course – now what? All you have to do is watch it and you’ll magically learn, right?

Well, not quite. While watching an online course is certainly a step in the right direction, learning is much more complex than that. Learning is an active process that requires your participation – it’s not just passively watching someone talk. Put simply, learning is DOING – and this course will teach you the things you’ll need to do to learn most effectively. You can use this course alongside another course you’re taking – apply the approaches you learn here to make any other course or learning experience more valuable.

In my role as Director of Learning Science and Instructional Design at Udemy, it’s my job to care about all things learning. And that means caring about how you, our Udemy students, learn! I want you to get the most out of the courses you take, so I built this course to give you tips and strategies I’ve learned over my 20+ year career, based on psychological principles and learning science best practices.

In this course, you will:

  1. Define learning and discover different theories of learning.

  2. Describe the importance of motivation on learning.

  3. Set goals in order to focus your desired learning outcomes.

  4. Practice and apply the skills you learn to do what matters.

  5. Reflect on what you’ve learned in order to think critically about the information you receive.

  6. Reflect on the progress made towards your goals as a way to boost motivation.

  7. Plan how you’ll learn with others to get help, feedback, and different perspectives.

  8. Turn learning into a lifelong habit.

In the spirit of learning as doing, be sure to complete all the activities we’ve laid out in this course, and be sure to apply what you’re learning to other courses you’re working on.

The more you do to learn, the more learning will do for you. If you want to level up your learning, join me in this course!


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