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How to Practice Mindfulness & Mindful Meditation

How to Practice Mindfulness & Mindful Meditation

Price: $29.99

Is it normal for you to get lost in thought? Do you often think about the past? Or worry about the future?

According to Thích Nhất Hạnh, “the present moment is the only time over which we have dominion.”

In today’s world, many of our minds are rooted in the past or the future. Focusing on the past can cause feelings of depression, pain, and self-loathing. On the other hand, focusing on the future can elicit feelings of anxiety and fear. Constantly living in these states results in suffering, hence why stress, sleepless nights, poor concentration, physical ailments, and aimlessly trudging through life has become the norm for many of us.

Fortunately, you have the power to change your experience of life. By learning to live in the here and now, you will develop a sense of contentment and appreciation for the ebbs and flows in life. Also, with increased mindfulness comes increased self-awareness. You will better understand and value yourself.

In this course, we’ll focus on easing suffering by bringing our minds to the present moment. This course is for beginners. You do not need previous knowledge of mindfulness or meditation, as I will make sure you have the foundational knowledge. Each lesson is followed by mindfulness exercises. Additionally, students will receive a Mindfulness eBook, and guided meditation tracks.

This course is for you if:

  • You’re curious about mindfulness

  • Don’t know where to start

  • You’re having a difficult time incorporating the practice

Follow me and together we will learn how to leverage mindfulness to create a happier life experience.


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